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Let’s have a countdown: 99 days

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Holidays in Ibiza, Spain - August 6, 14

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i literally might have to climb out of a window to meet a guy right now , feel like i’m in a movie


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"5:39am, I’m lying here thinking about how my future will be defined in 20 days. 5 of my friends have had nightmares about rejection, failure and opening that envelope in front if judgmental eyes. At 18 I can do a lot of things, but i shouldn’t have to deal with being woken by my fears, surrounded by tears and afraid that 14 years of education and my life will become meaningless because I achieved a B and not an A. At 18 i shouldn’t be having panic attacks and people telling me i should have prepared. At 18 the next 50 years of my life shouldn’t be decided. At 18 i shouldn’t be so afraid of what is to come. At 18 i should be thinking about my life just beginning, not worrying that in 20 days it could be over before i even had a chance."

- Why does so much depend on something so little? (by rockinglittlebookworm)

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What’s that mother? Exam results are here? Sure I’ll open theM BUT YOULL HAVE TO CATCH ME FIRST
*backflips out of window*


Results day is going to be like